[stella] Unexploited Controllers

Subject: [stella] Unexploited Controllers
From: crackers@xxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 19:47:46 -0400 (EDT)
I was just thinking today about some of the underused or unused 2600

The "driving controllers" only have one game that uses them.
The light gun only has one game that uses it and a very rare game at that.
The keypads arn't used that much.

It would be neat to see more games made to take advantage of these

How does the lightgun work exactly? Would it be hard to add lightgun
support to a game that doesn't have it? I was thinking about replacing
the joystick in "Mafia" to use the lightgun instead.

But I realized that there is one very unique but not uncommon controller
for the 2600 that really hasn't been exploited at all.

The Coleco Gemini controller!

It's got a joystick and a paddle all in one controller! Can both be
accessed at the same time?

And there's no rule too that says up has to be up and down has to be

Take a Gemini controller and hold it sideways so that the paddle is
on the left and the joystick on the right. You'll see that you can
easily control the joystick with the right thumb on top and the fire
button with the index finger (or middle finger if you prefer to grip
the joystick with the thumb and index finger) and the left hand is
free to control the paddle.

Although maybe it would be best to leave the joystick addressing as is
so that people who don't have Gemini sticks can do the same thing
with a normal joystick/paddle and Y adaptor.

In anycase, just a little something for us all to think about. You
could make a really killer tank game with this. Use the joystick to
move the tank and the paddle to rotate the turret. (anyone for Tron)
I'm sure we could think up some other type of games to use this
controller for.

                     (Get paddled from hell!!!!)


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