Re: [stella] stick/paddle combos

Subject: Re: [stella] stick/paddle combos
From: Galen Tatsuo Komatsu <gkomatsu@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:17:02 -1000
*note* I have yet to even try programming Stella.  Haven't had the time
or the computer, and neglecting the lack of a certain hardware device
forgot to grab the old Apple2 development software when Jim had it up on
ftp.  (sorry, Jim.)   ...have even yet to try out all those games you guys
posted to the list. =^(

> The Ikari warriors controllers have detents(sp?) like an old fashioned
> channel selector on a TV.  It's not exactly the same as a true
> paddle/stick combo.

	Assuming I know what you're talking about, yes they do.  Makes a
nice "kachink" sound too since there's a bunch of metal parts in the
mechanism. =^)  Those SNK sticks are just a regular joystick with the
turning-thingy on top.  And when I think about it, I don't think the
"paddle" part even registers distinct directions (I'll have to check my
friend's one next time), it just has its detents set so that 8 clicks make
a full circle.  I'd guess that it just signals when you've turned it a
certain distance (compare the 2600 paddles and driving controllers.)
...someone, please correct me.

	I was wondering how difficult it is to implement paddles since
Glenn in an earlier message said they're sometimes difficult to get things
working with.  However there's a number of Paddle games which implement
all four pots (or there's a number of 4 player paddle games with really,
really, really good programmers behind them)

	How much of a challenge are the Driving controllers?  Technically
they're just joysticks with the left & right contacts ripped out.  But
turning it one direction involves more than a simple "up up up up up..."

	And, how about the light gun?  Thing I'm leading up to is creating
a "Lucky & Wild" rip.  Think Night Driver, but this time you get to shoot
those cars. >=^)  Enduro, but you get to shoot those cars.  Pole Position,
but... you get the idea.  (Or use the model of Gran Prix if perspective
causes a problem.)

	Or perhaps, a skeet shooting type of game.  One person on the gun,
and the other person with the paddle(s) launching targets from various
positions, directions, speeds.  This one if done as a really simple game
would be easier to implement since while there are two different
controllers being used, only one is actually active at any one time.  Half
the game needs only to read the paddles for aiming, then the remaining
time reading the gun.
	Less boring but harder to do variation would have the paddle
player aiming and launching targets as he pleases while the gun player
picking off as many as he can. 

> [TRON]
> MCP section could be done pretty well, as it's mainly just a variation of
> breakout.

	Try Squeezebox but with a rotating wall.

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