Re: [stella] Who can we contact?

Subject: Re: [stella] Who can we contact?
From: Omar Thameen <omar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 07:30:20 -0400
Please note a couple things here:

1) The owner of the list, whoever it is, can always be reached at

2) I'm the current maintainer, and I apologize for the lack of
communication.  Things have been really busy on my end, and since the
stella list is free, you all don't always get immediate attention.

3) In the near future, admin responsibilities will be transferred
to Glenn to eliminate this problem.

4) At that point, Glenn may change the list settings, but I strongly
encourage you to read the following before making the change you are

5) If any of you have any suggestions regarding the general website,
the mailing lists, the services, additional services, etc., they would
be most welcome at feedback@xxxxxxxxxxx .

   B I G L I S T  I n c .                           e-mail: info@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Electronic Mailing List Services          telephone: +1 212-686-2140

On Fri, Oct 03, 1997 at 03:46:15AM -0400, crackers@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Glenn, is there someone we could all send a polite E-mail to requesting that
> you be given whatever it is you need to be given to have the reply to
> line changed to the mail list address and not the person who wrote the
> message?
> Perhaps multiple reminders from multiple sources would motivate some
> action on their part.
>                                  CRACKERS
>                (Constantly forgetting to change the address from hell!!)

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