[stella] Exciting Platform Game

Subject: [stella] Exciting Platform Game
From: David Conrad Schweinsberg <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 22:17:05 +0100

My posting about the Platform Game sounded about as exciting as the 'flu,
but it really is much better than that - I just have to iron out one bug
and then I'll post - promise.

One line of research I pursued was with the view of producing an "Elevator
Action" game (an unpublished version of which I wrote c.1986 for the C64). 
To refresh my memory of the game details I searched the 'net for an
emulator version - and found a NES version...

Now, to say that the Atari 2600 scene and the NES scene were "different"
would be understating the situation somewhat - the web sites I ended up
seemed to be run by street-gangs, trading in "warez" and illicit hacking
information.  I imagine they drive around in BMWs with huge bass speakers
pounding out the beat to "Mario Land".  Very odd :-)

Anyway, I got the emulator ("NESticle" - charming), the "Elevator Action"
binary, played the game, and quickly abandoned all hope.  If people here
were a little less against flicker I might attempt it eventually, but not
just yet.


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