[stella] Interlace

Subject: [stella] Interlace
From: David Conrad Schweinsberg <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 21:59:21 +0100

Something I've been wondering about for a while but haven't yet had the
opportunity to try out, as it requires the "real thing".  By the way, Nick,
I know about the Supercharger - it's just the hassle of getting one
paid-for from and sent to the UK!

What is stopping a 2600 programmer from signaling a TV in an interlaced
fashion?  As far as I can see, this would just entail VSYNCing for
two-and-a-half lines instead of three, and coding to ensure that odd and
even fields were dealt with correctly.  There would be numerous problems
and hassles working with interlace I admit, but it would be technically
interesting (and it effectively doubles the 2600's resolution!)

Perhaps more interesting would be special effects - depending on the
persistence of the screen phosphors, would an interlaced display be
brighter than a non-interlaced one (more pixels being illuminated within a
given area).  And what if the lines were partly converged (by syncing
between 2.5 and 3 lines).

I was just a thought :-)


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