[stella] Hacking a 2600 game

Subject: [stella] Hacking a 2600 game
From: "Dan Rosenberg" <Thantor@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 19:59:45 -0800
Hello, My name is Dan Rosenberg.....
The other day I whent to The Northwest Classic Gamers Meeting......and at this they ususly (Every Year) Mock up a cart lable to Parady a cart...and print up about 10 of these.....
This year somone sujested that they change the letters in "Coke Wins" From  "P..E..P..S..I" to "N..W..C..G..E"   and this sparked my intrest
I asked the Question of how to Change the letters to the guys on IRC and got Flammed for it......so I will Ask here.....I have a hex editor, and Documentation from Dan Boris's Page......But I am Confused, and would like some help.
If somone would please either set me on the right track, or Change the ROM for me, you will get proper Credit on the lable when I print the 10 carts......
Thanx you for listening...and any advise on what to do is verry apriciated
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