[stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!

Subject: [stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!
From: Chris Cracknell <crackers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 01:15:10 -0400 (EDT)
Well gang, I'm finished school for the year. Wrote my Japanese test last
week (I'm pretty sure I did well). Now I've got time to do some 2600

So tonight I sat down to do some sprite experimenting, moving the sprites
horizontally with only the RSP0/1 commands.

But something seems to have gone horribly wrong with my little scheme and
it's got me questioning the functionability of my 2600.

When I run the programme on an emulator, everything works fine.
But when I try to run it on a real 2600, I get something unlike anything
I've ever gotten before.

Here's what the programme is supposed to do...

Dark grey background.
Blue Stickman at top of the screen moving back and forth.
Red Ghost under him moving in the opposite directions.

That's it, no fancy multisprite stuff.

Here's what I'm getting on a real 2600.

Three copies of each sprite spread out vertically across the screen
and black lines dividing the screen into 3rds.

The sprites all do what I want them to, it's just that there's too damn
many of them. And I don't know where these black lines are coming from.

The image is very stable and the VBLANK and OVERSCAN are just knabbed from
some other programmes of mine that work like a charm. 

I can't see anything in the screen kernal that could possibly cause this odd
behaviour so either my 2600 or supercharger have gone wonky on me, or
there's some really odd bug I just can't see. Here's the source code.
Now it's a little speghetti right now because I was just sort of doing
"stream of consciousness programming"...


	processor 6502

VSYNC	=	$00
VBLANK	=	$01
WSYNC	=	$02
;NUSIZ0	=	$04
;NUSIZ1	=	$05
COLUPF 	=	$08
COLUBK	=	$09
PF0	=	$0D
PF1	=	$0E
PF2	=	$0F
;SWCHA	=	$280
INTIM	=	$284
TIM64T	=	$296
COLUP0	=	$06
COLUP1	=	$07
GP0	=	$1B
GP1	=	$1C
;HMOVE	=	$2a
RESP0	=	$10
RESP1	=	$11


HPOS1   =       $80
HPOS2   =       $81
SPRITE1 =       $82
SPRITE2 =       $8A
DELAY   =       $92
MTOGGLE =       $93

	org  $F000

start	SEI            
	LDX  #$FF
	LDA  #$00

zero	STA  $00,X	;looks familiar, right?     
	DEX		;typical zeroing routine
	BNE  zero

        lda  #$96       ;Just setting crap up.
        sta  COLUP0
        lda  #$38
        sta  COLUP1
        lda  #$04
        sta  COLUBK

        lda  #$00       ;starting position for each sprite
        sta  HPOS1
        lda  #$0D
        sta  HPOS2

main	JSR  vertb	;main loop
        ldy  #$07
        JSR  sprite
	JSR  draw       
	JSR  clear
    	JMP  main       

vertb	LDX  #$00	;vertical blank, We all know what this is about         
	LDA  #$02           
	STA  WSYNC         
	STA  WSYNC        
	STA  WSYNC      ;I don't see anything any different here from
	STA  VSYNC      ;any other VBLANK routine I've done.  
	STA  WSYNC         
	STA  WSYNC        
	LDA  #$2C
	STA  TIM64T        
	LDA  #$00        
	STA  WSYNC        

sprite  lda  sprt1,y    ;just loading the sprite data into RAM
        sta  SPRITE1,y  ;it'll make it easier when I animate them
        bpl  sprite

        ldy  #$07
spritb  lda  sprt2,y
        sta  SPRITE2,y
        bpl  spritb

draw	LDA  INTIM	;check to see if it's time to draw a frame	         
	BNE  draw
	sta  WSYNC      
	sta  VBLANK	;I don't see anything unusual here.
        sta  WSYNC      

;insert  display kernal

        LDY  HPOS1      ;pretty darn simple kernal. According to my
pos1    dey             ;math it should be 192 scanlines on the bean
        bpl  pos1       
        sta  RESP0
        sta  WSYNC

        ldy  #$07

sl1     lda  SPRITE1,y
        sta  GP0
        sta  WSYNC
        bpl  sl1
        lda  #$00
        sta  GP0
        sta  WSYNC

        ldy  HPOS2
pos2    dey
        bpl  pos2
        sta  RESP1
        sta  WSYNC

        ldy  #$07

sl2     lda  SPRITE2,y
        sta  GP1
        sta  WSYNC
        bpl  sl2
        lda  #$00
        sta  GP1
        sta  WSYNC

        ldx  #$ab
blow    sta  WSYNC
        bpl  blow

clear   LDA  #$24	;set timer for overscan
	LDA  #$02	;clear the screen and turn off the video
	LDA  #$00
 	STA  PF0
	sta  COLUPF
	sta  COLUBK     ;just my standard clearing routine.

        dec  DELAY
        bpl  oscan
        lda  #$0F
        sta  DELAY
        lda  MTOGGLE
        cmp  #$01
        beq  rightb
        inc  HPOS1
        lda  HPOS1
        cmp  #$0D
        bpl  righta
        jmp  oscan

righta  lda  #$01
        sta  MTOGGLE

rightb  dec HPOS1
        lda HPOS1
        cmp #$02
        bmi lefta
        jmp oscan

lefta   lda #$00
        sta MTOGGLE      ;all that just takes care of the movement

oscan   sec
        lda #$0D
        sbc HPOS1
        sta HPOS2

oscana  lda INTIM        ;ordinary overscan stuff.
        bne oscana
        sta WSYNC

sprt1   .byte  %01100110    ;sprite data
        .byte  %00100100
        .byte  %00111100
        .byte  %00011000
        .byte  %00011000
        .byte  %11111111
        .byte  %00111100
        .byte  %00111100

sprt2   .byte  %10101010
        .byte  %10101010
        .byte  %11111111
        .byte  %11111111
        .byte  %10111011
        .byte  %10011001
        .byte  %01111110
        .byte  %00111100

	org $FFFC
	.word start
	.word start


Tiy would think if it were some sort of missed bit sync problem the picture
wouldn't be stable at all. I'm totally boggled here. All my other homebrews
still work okay.

The .BIN file will follow so you wont have to compile this mess.

                      (What the.... from hell!!!!!)


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