Re: [stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!
From: Chris Cracknell <crackers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:09:52 -0400 (EDT)
In article <199804150534.WAA24392@fmul55>, you wrote:

>What about the sprite control registers (can't remember what they're called)?
>Did you set them to one copy only?  Maybe they're set to 3 copies instead...
>Are the black lines vertical, or horizontal?

Nope, the sprites were copied vertically and the black lines were horizontal.
But it's all moot now as the problem has been fixed. Although why the problem
existed at all is still somewhat of a mystery to me. 

For some reason or another my "blow" routine (draw blank scanlines) was
crapping out before reaching zero. Replaced the BPL with BNE and everyone was

Basically the purpose of that bit of experimental code was because I wanted
to how many horizontal positions I could get for a sprite by just using the
RESP command on it's own without an HMOVE to fine tune it. It would appear
that RESP will give you 10 different horizontal positions on it's own
(that is provided you don't overshoot a single scanline with your delay 

Kind of sucks really, I was hoping to get enough to be able to fudge
an okay horizontal motion at slower speed without having to use an HMOVE

But still, it's a good place to start for a multisprite movement tutorial.
It'll be very easy to add more vertical copies of the sprites to this
simple program and have them all move at their own indipendant rates.

                  (LCD Game Watch animation from hell!!!)


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