Re: [stella] Classic people in Next Generation magazine

Subject: Re: [stella] Classic people in Next Generation magazine
From: "B. Deuel" <bdeuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 23:04:22 -0400

jvmatthe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Anyway, there is also a neat piece in the Retro section about the technology
> used in the arcade game based on the the band Journey which I guess it what
> became Journey Escape on the 2600.

Actually, this article probably refers to the Journey arcade game, by
Bally/Midway, which featured digitized facial expressions of the band members,
and was the first arcade game to incorporate digitized graphics. Get MAME .30
and the Journey romset to experience this (quite a lame game, IMO).

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