Re: [stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Arrrg, Arrrg, and Double Arrrg!!!
From: Chris Cracknell <crackers@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 20:25:28 -0400 (EDT)
In article <>, you wrote:
>At 17:09 15.04.98 -0400, you wrote:
>>How the heckety heck did you figure out that the branch wasn't being
>>taken after $7F? 
>As others have already pointed out, that was a mistake. The branch
>wouldn't have been taken in the first place. Sometimes I really
>wonder myself, how I got my programs to do, what I wanted them to
>do. :-)

Yep, not the first boner I've pulled, and saddly it won't be the last.

>The new version runs fine on my system, with colours and everything.

There we go then. I'll be sure to leave the VSYNCs as is from now on.
And go back and fix the other ones in my other programmes.

>BTW why are you so reluctant to use HMOVE? If it is because you
>can't get the screen position divided into values for the delay
>loop and HMOVE, then there is a routine, that does this, at the
>end of Ed's SoundX sourcecode. This can be found on the Stella CD.
>The routine takes three scanlines to position a sprite, but you can
>use normal Xposition values with it.

Actually, it's more a matter of "taking baby steps" right now. I just wanted
to see what it would do, how many horizontal positions you could get out
of RESP and where they would be.

But I'll take a look at the SoundX code. That routine sounds like it'll
be perfect. I've always wished they implimented a better horizontal positioning
routine in the 2600. Something like a one command HMOVE where you put a value
in it and the sprite goes to one of 256 horizontal locations.

                        (That would be great from hell!!)

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