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Subject: Re: Re: Re: [stella] VCS simulator (?)
From: <kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:14:51 +0200
On April 21st, Rodney S. wrote:

>I played Ewok Adventure about a year ago, or there abouts - but I seem to
>recall that it was patterned after the missing Parker Bros. prototype that
>surfaced around that same time period.  Comparing the two (Tim Duarte has
>screen shots of the Parker Bros. proto) the VCSS game looked really close, if
>not identical!  In fact, I emailed the author asking him how he had been able
>to recreate the game - if, supposedly, there was only one Parker Bros.
>prototype. Never got a response...
>Tim's page with Ewok:

I had a look at the screen shots, too - and they DON'T show anything
undoable on the 2600. I suppose Christian Bogey looked carefully at the
screen shots, took what he could and tried to figure out the rest for
himself, not observing the real 2600's capabilities.

Here's a few differences I figured out:
1. The original one doesn't have trees with different colors on one
scanline, and it always shows the trees with a reflected or repeated
playfield. Christian's version starts out with two reflected rows of
trees, but doesn't stick to it.
2. In the screenshot of the original one your ship and its shadow don't
overlap. You can't tell what happens if you fly lower. In Christian's
version, they begin to overlap then, but I don't suspect them to do that
in the original version.
3. In the original screenshot the "bikes" appear only black, while in
Christian's version, they are 2-color, black and white.
4. In the screenshot, there are no two enemies in one scanline. In
Christian's version, they can come onto one scanline, without starting
to flicker!
5. In the screenshot, you don't see any title screen. If there's any, I
think it's not quite like that of Christian's version, which goes far
beyond the 2600's capabilities.

Alas, I can't find a BIN of this, but I'm pretty sure the original DOES
look somewhat different than Christian's version.

Maybe you should ask Tim Duarte, Dan Skelton (the author of the article)
or John Bennett (the owner of the 'found' cart) about a BIN? After all,
how did they do the screenshot without a BIN?

Love, Kurt Woloch

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