[stella] Look Mom, no flicker!

Subject: [stella] Look Mom, no flicker!
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:05:58 +0200
Here it is.. 4 non flickering, single scanline resolution sprites, with no
vertical restrictions.
The biggest drawback is that the two fake-sprites can't be positioned too
near to the borders (there must be about 30 pixels).
Also, this technique is very memory-hungry, and for this reason it is not
suitable for sprites which have a long vertical range. Moreover, there's
almost no time left in the kernel for color changes or to enable-disable
the ball.

this could be a good starting point for a platform-based game. This kernel
could be reused more times to draw a stack of platforms, and between the
platforms one could reposition the sprites and change the playfield. Hmmm..

Let me know!

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