Re: [stella] Look Mom, no flicker!

Subject: Re: [stella] Look Mom, no flicker!
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 98 17:31:17 -0000
Once again, the MacStella 0.7 compatibility report:

No luck!  :(  I managed to get some static once, somewhat like what Dark 
Mage did some time back for me (danged if I can remember what I did to 
fix that), but every other time I've tried to open LMNF10.bin with 
MacStella 0.7, I've gotten the "Invalid 6507 instruction" error.

I did dissemble LMNF10.bin (with the groovy Distella port found on the 
Mactari pages!  ;), and it looks fine at first glance, so I'm pretty sure 
I've got the right file.  I was pretty excited to hear of an alternate 
method of making line by line changes for a platform game, but then I'm 
pretty "memory hungry" myself!

Hey, somebody write something I can play with on my Mac!  ;)  Hmmm.  I 
guess that someone should be me!

PS  Thanks again Nick for the updated link!  And no, I didn't really 
email him 80 times.  I don't think...  ;)

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