[stella] They Can Even Steal Your Identity!

Subject: [stella] They Can Even Steal Your Identity!
From: learnwhere@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 22:54:59 -0400 (EDT)

Has your personal and credit information been stolen?  Has someone
assumed your identity?

Would you like to locate an old friend, relative, military buddy or sweetheart?

Do you want to find a person's assets to collect a debt or judgement?

Would you like to check a person's criminal record before renting
them space or giving them employment?

Would you like to fix up your credit bureau report, create a new
identity or even disappear?

Are you going to have surgery?  Would you like to know how many malpractice 
suits have been filed against your doctor?

Now you can learn all this plus much, much more with our 
brand new 45  page report 


Learn the Internet tools and resources that are used to investigate you,
your relatives, friends, neighbors, enemies, employees or anyone else!  

We will give you thousands of Internet locations to look up people,
credit, social security, current or past employment, driving records, 
criminal records, medical information, military records, addresses,
phone numbers, immigration, divorce, labor and criminal laws!

We will also give you sources to find missing children and parents,
hazardous waste sites, how to do Freedom of Information Act information
searches, how to do skip tracing and backround checks on prospective dates, 
brides or grooms, employees, renters, vendors, new clients and competitors!

You will also learn about and where to get surveillance and spy devices,
private mail forwarding and annonymous email forwarding sites, search 
for copyrights, patents and court cases and how to make your
assets untraceable!  We will show you how to get copies of 
credit reports, adoption databases, information on drugs, 
poisons and how to get your share of government programs and benefits!

Can you find this information by using the Internet Search Engines?
The answer is MAYBE if you get lucky and if you want to spend many
hours going through 25,000 plus hits per subject!  We and our staff
have spent hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars compiling 
this information for you!  Now you can have it on a silver platter
for LESS THAN TWENTY BUCKS during this special email promotion!

You frequently hear over the media, television, radio, the newspapers, 
how personal information is being used, traded and 
sold over the Internet...usually without your permission or knowledge. 
Our report will show you HOW IT IS DONE!!!

Would you like to find that old romantic flame...find telephone, 
address or email information on almost anyone...even unlisted
phone numbers?  How about your family "tree"?  We will teach
you how to turn years of work into hours of fun!

Military?  Check Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine records. 
extensive Vietnamese war records, MIA info, much more!

Looking for a job?  Find the job you are seeking...even in another state
or another country!  We will teach you how!

Looking for a new love interest or spouse or even sex partner? 
We will show you where to look for fast results!

Want up-to-the-minute health and medical information?  Learn how to 
cure fears and phoebias, the latest drugs and treatments for almost
any ailment or desease from the drug companies themselves as well as
from universities and the Center for Desease Control.  Want to learn
the most effective way to loose weight?  It's all here in our report!

If you believe that the information compiled  about you should be as
available to you as to the people that compile it about you without
your knowledge or permission than you must order "THE INTERNET
SLEUTH REPORT" immediately!

Our "INTERNET SLEUTH REPORT" is normally sold by direct mail for
$39.95 and will soon be in book stores for $29.95.  However, to
generate publicity and "get the word out" we are making this 
10 day Email Special Offer of our Complete 45 Page Report for
only  $19.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling [total $22.95].
Sold with our 10 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is the biggest bargain on the Internet and the information it
will give to you will give you great power!  It can really change your
life in a positive way.  Order Now!

The Complete 45 page "INTERNET SLEUTH REPORT" only $19.95 plus
$3 shipping and handling - total $22.95.  Shipped in plain wrapper
by First Class Mail.

Add $5 for priority mail delivery.  Add $20 for overnight Express!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.
We can also accept your check by phone or Fax.

You may order by phone 9 am to 10 pm [NY Time] by phoning
[718] 287-3800

You may order by fax 24 hours per day by phoning our fax line at
[718] 462-5920.
You can fax your credit card information or your check


Send email to our special email address below:


[Note: If you order by email and do not receive an email confirmation within
24 hours, please phone our office at 718-287-3800]

You can also order by mail by sending $22.95 cash, check, money order
or major credit card [Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover] to

4718  18th Ave.  Suite 135
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Make Checks & Money Orders Payable to TCPS, Inc.
New York State Residents Please Add $1.70 for Sales Tax

The Following Order Form is for Your Convenience!
Use it by Mail, Fax or Email!

Please ship me ________copies of the INTERNET SLEUTH Report

at $19.95 each plus $3.00 for shipping and handling [$22.95]


Credit Card #____________________________Exp date______

Ship to:  Name_________________________________________



Area Code and Home Phone  [    ]___________________________

Fax # [     ]______________________________________________

Email Address___________________________________________

To remove your name from our mailing list, send us an email with 
remove in the subject line.  This is a one time offer and you 
should not hear from us again!

TCPS,Inc., 4718 18th Ave., Suite 135, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Office [718] 287-3800  Fax [718] 462-5920 24 hours
[9am to 10pm NY Time]

[c] Copyright 1998 TCPS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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