Re: [stella] They Can Even Steal Your Identity!

Subject: Re: [stella] They Can Even Steal Your Identity!
From: pauls@xxxxxxxxxxx (Paul Smith)
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 03:18:50 GMT
Let's play Nuke the Spammer! :)

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998 22:54:59 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>Has your personal and credit information been stolen?  Has someone
>assumed your identity?
>Would you like to locate an old friend, relative, military buddy or sweetheart?
>Do you want to find a person's assets to collect a debt or judgement?
>Would you like to check a person's criminal record before renting
>them space or giving them employment?
>Would you like to fix up your credit bureau report, create a new
>identity or even disappear?
>Are you going to have surgery?  Would you like to know how many malpractice 
>suits have been filed against your doctor?
>Now you can learn all this plus much, much more with our 
>brand new 45  page report 
>Learn the Internet tools and resources that are used to investigate you,
>your relatives, friends, neighbors, enemies, employees or anyone else!  
>We will give you thousands of Internet locations to look up people,
>credit, social security, current or past employment, driving records, 
>criminal records, medical information, military records, addresses,
>phone numbers, immigration, divorce, labor and criminal laws!
>We will also give you sources to find missing children and parents,
>hazardous waste sites, how to do Freedom of Information Act information
>searches, how to do skip tracing and backround checks on prospective dates, 
>brides or grooms, employees, renters, vendors, new clients and competitors!
>You will also learn about and where to get surveillance and spy devices,
>private mail forwarding and annonymous email forwarding sites, search 
>for copyrights, patents and court cases and how to make your
>assets untraceable!  We will show you how to get copies of 
>credit reports, adoption databases, information on drugs, 
>poisons and how to get your share of government programs and benefits!
>Can you find this information by using the Internet Search Engines?
>The answer is MAYBE if you get lucky and if you want to spend many
>hours going through 25,000 plus hits per subject!  We and our staff
>have spent hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars compiling 
>this information for you!  Now you can have it on a silver platter
>for LESS THAN TWENTY BUCKS during this special email promotion!
>You frequently hear over the media, television, radio, the newspapers, 
>how personal information is being used, traded and 
>sold over the Internet...usually without your permission or knowledge. 
>Our report will show you HOW IT IS DONE!!!
>Would you like to find that old romantic flame...find telephone, 
>address or email information on almost anyone...even unlisted
>phone numbers?  How about your family "tree"?  We will teach
>you how to turn years of work into hours of fun!
>Military?  Check Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine records. 
>extensive Vietnamese war records, MIA info, much more!
>Looking for a job?  Find the job you are seeking...even in another state
>or another country!  We will teach you how!
>Looking for a new love interest or spouse or even sex partner? 
>We will show you where to look for fast results!
>Want up-to-the-minute health and medical information?  Learn how to 
>cure fears and phoebias, the latest drugs and treatments for almost
>any ailment or desease from the drug companies themselves as well as
>from universities and the Center for Desease Control.  Want to learn
>the most effective way to loose weight?  It's all here in our report!
>If you believe that the information compiled  about you should be as
>available to you as to the people that compile it about you without
>your knowledge or permission than you must order "THE INTERNET
>SLEUTH REPORT" immediately!
>Our "INTERNET SLEUTH REPORT" is normally sold by direct mail for
>$39.95 and will soon be in book stores for $29.95.  However, to
>generate publicity and "get the word out" we are making this 
>10 day Email Special Offer of our Complete 45 Page Report for
>only  $19.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling [total $22.95].
>Sold with our 10 Day Money Back Guarantee!
>This is the biggest bargain on the Internet and the information it
>will give to you will give you great power!  It can really change your
>life in a positive way.  Order Now!
>The Complete 45 page "INTERNET SLEUTH REPORT" only $19.95 plus
>$3 shipping and handling - total $22.95.  Shipped in plain wrapper
>by First Class Mail.
>Add $5 for priority mail delivery.  Add $20 for overnight Express!
>We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.
>We can also accept your check by phone or Fax.
>You may order by phone 9 am to 10 pm [NY Time] by phoning
>[718] 287-3800
>You may order by fax 24 hours per day by phoning our fax line at
>[718] 462-5920.
>You can fax your credit card information or your check
>Send email to our special email address below:
>[Note: If you order by email and do not receive an email confirmation within
>24 hours, please phone our office at 718-287-3800]
>You can also order by mail by sending $22.95 cash, check, money order
>or major credit card [Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover] to
>4718  18th Ave.  Suite 135
>Brooklyn, NY 11204
>Make Checks & Money Orders Payable to TCPS, Inc.
>New York State Residents Please Add $1.70 for Sales Tax
>The Following Order Form is for Your Convenience!
>Use it by Mail, Fax or Email!
>Please ship me ________copies of the INTERNET SLEUTH Report
>at $19.95 each plus $3.00 for shipping and handling [$22.95]
>Credit Card #____________________________Exp date______
>Ship to:  Name_________________________________________
>Area Code and Home Phone  [    ]___________________________
>Fax # [     ]______________________________________________
>Email Address___________________________________________
>To remove your name from our mailing list, send us an email with 
>remove in the subject line.  This is a one time offer and you 
>should not hear from us again!
>TCPS,Inc., 4718 18th Ave., Suite 135, Brooklyn, NY 11204
>Office [718] 287-3800  Fax [718] 462-5920 24 hours
>[9am to 10pm NY Time]
>[c] Copyright 1998 TCPS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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