[stella] Re: Cable TV...... No Monthly Bills

Subject: [stella] Re: Cable TV...... No Monthly Bills
From: foi54@xxxxxxxx (The Hobby Pros)
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 02:11:44 +0200
This is really cool!                    

            PREMIUM CHANNELS........No Monthly Bill!              


EASY to assemble plans for only $7.00 !
We will send your plans the day we receive your order!

THE MOVIE CHANNEL, Adult stations,
and any other scrambled signal   NEXT WEEK!

You can EASILY assemble a cable descrambler in less than 30 minutes!
You have probably seen many advertisments for similar plans....

** BUT OURS are BETTER! *** 

We have compared it to all the others and have actually
IMPROVED the quality and SIMPLIFIED the design !!!

**  We even include PHOTOS! **

We have NEW, EASY TO READ,EASY to assemble plans for only $7.00! 
We have seen them advertised for as much as $29.00 and you have 
to wait weeks to receive them!       


Parts are available at  "The TV HUT"  or any electronics store.  
Trademark rights do not allow us to use a national electronics 
retail chains' name but there is one in your town!

Call and ask them BEFORE you order! 
They are very familiar with these plans and 
will tell you that it.......


You will need these easy to obtain parts :

 270-235                        mini box
 271-1325                      2.2k ohm resistor 
 278-212                        chasis connectors
 RG59 coaxial cable,
 #12 copper wire, 
 and a variable capacitor.

     They may have to  special order the variable capacitor....
     But WHY WAIT for a special order?  WE have them!

    All you need now is the EASY TO ASSEMBLE plans to
   show you how this money saving device in 30 MINUTES! 

  **  WE have secured a supply of the capacitors directly from
      the manufacturer,   and We WILL include one with your plans
       for an ADDITIONAL  $10.00 only!

 It is LEGAL, providing of course you use these
 plans for educational purposes only.

 IT'S FUN!  

We're sure you'll enjoy this!  Our FAMILIES sure do!                           
               * you need one descrambler for each TV.

                   NO MORE MONTHLY BILLS!           

                $  7.00     for plans only                        
                $10.00     for variable capacitor only            

                $17.00     for The easy to assemble plans and one variable capacitor!	


Pay by check or money order payable to:           

        The Hobby Pros           
        336 Bon Air Center #254           
        Greenbrae, Ca.           

Please provide a self addressed stamped envelope (.64)          

So we can RUSH your order to you!

   If this E-mail offends anyone, we apologize ......and feel free to use the DEL key.

 "By deleting your unwanted EMail you waste one key stroke, yet by 
throwing away paper mail you waste a planet! SAVE OUR TREES and
 support internet EMail instead of traditional mail"! 

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