Re: [stella] Distella --> DAsm problem

Subject: Re: [stella] Distella --> DAsm problem
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 98 18:55:49 -0000
>Hmmm... shouldn't HMOVE always follow WSYNC? Probably this will work on
>emulators, but not on a real 2600.  I think that HMCLR must follow WSYNC too.

Thanks for the help.  And not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but 
(that might seem really really weird to someone not from the US, huh?  Or 
does it have international appeal?  ;)...

Can you get it to compile with DAsm?  I'm afraid I have to admit I have 
not made one file into a wav to play on my Supercharger, so I haven't 
even gotten close to worrying about "real" 2600 compat. 

I did try to make a wav with Pitfall and had the dangest time.  I was 
using VirtualPC to run makewav in DOS via emulation, and then holding a 
tape recorder up to my speaker to tape the sound when Netscape played it 
so heavens only knows where the weakest link in that chain is.

At any rate, if someone could tell me why Matt's DAsm chewed this up and 
found errors with stuff like the word "the" in the comments, I'd really 
appreciate it.  When I do start spitting out more code to the list 
(hopefully fancier than the gravity demo or this missile-move one), I was 
hoping I could put it in a DAsm-able format.

This missile-move demo _does_ work on my Mac, btw.  I'll send the .bin 
with this email.  Hopefully Em@iler won't try to anything fancy other 
than uuencode it, since that's what I told it to do!  ;)

Thanks much,

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