Re: [stella] 18 extra lives

Subject: Re: [stella] 18 extra lives
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:03:19 -0700
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From: Eckhard Stolberg <Eckhard_Stolberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: stella@xxxxxxxxxxx <stella@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 12:06 PM
Subject: [stella] 18 extra lives

>I couldn't resist and have turned the 18 sprites demo into
>an 18 extra lives demo. On a real VCS this demo displays 18 
>sprites, which can be turned on and off with the joystick.

Pretty cool!  Any chance you could post the source code?


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