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Subject: Re: [stella] Supercharger CD
From: Glenn Saunders <krishna@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 00:52:05 -0800
At 09:41 PM 1/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I don't either.  I heard that a second run was in the future agenda.  Is
>this true?  Any Cyberpunks out there working on a second release?

Brad has been adopted as a Cyberpunk and is working with us to
significantly enhance the Windows version of Stella while I have been
working on the front-end and multimedia interface.

The goal is to produce something truly commercial-quality and sell it to a
particular game company that you can probably guess...

If that goes through, the Starpath catalog may not be able to be released,
as it would be a sublicense.  The two aren't mutually exclusive,
necessarily, but time demands would mean that if we did cut a deal, the
homebrew CD would have to wait.

If reality intervenes and they don't buy, then we would use the Starpath
catalog as well as Kamikaze Saucers and Oystron and self-produce it.

It's been a long long wait, but we'll know which way we're going to go
within a month or so.

Even if we self-produce, though, this time it is a for-profit venture.  We
have a licensing agreement with Bridgestone Multimedia that allows for
this.  Bundled with an emulator, our potential market is much larger, and
thus we will try to gain as wide a distribution as possible (i.e. Telegames
or other small publishers with more resources than us are a possibility).

Given that the Stella at 20 documentary project is stalled from lack of
funding, this is part of a kind of fundraising effort to complete it, and
also an effort to earn some profit from the hard work we've put into 2600
preservation for years.

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