Re: [stella] Ping Aaron Giles

Subject: Re: [stella] Ping Aaron Giles
From: bwmott@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 15:49:08 -0500 (EST)
> Many significant changes to MacStella are needed, not the least of which is 
> an update to 1.0 sources.  If you're not going to be maintaining MacStella 
> anymore, would you mind letting someone else do it?  I've not been able to
> find an e-mail address for Aaron that gets read.  Has anyone on the Biglist?

I've had a few conversations with Aaron about the 1.0 port and he is 
making progress.  It seems that the C++ compiler he uses has a few nasty 
memory management bugs in its C++ library.  The 1.0 code uses a few 
more C++ features than the 0.7 code did and as a result these bugs 

The last email I got from him indicated that he had found a way to hack
around these compiler bugs and that he was making progress on the port. 
If he doesn't get overwhelmed at work writing games then we should see 
MacStella 1.0 before long.


Bradford W. Mott (bwmott@xxxxxxx)          Computer Science Department           North Carolina State University

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