Re: [stella] Pressure Guage Game. Is this fun? [PATCHED]

Subject: Re: [stella] Pressure Guage Game. Is this fun? [PATCHED]
From: Lord Spambraticus of Borg <lord-of-hell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 12:25:04 +1000
>My questions are:  What do you think?  Is this any fun?  Any comments would
>be helpful.  Thank you.

Here's a "patched" binary ROM file which will allow it to run on the broken and
defective MacStella.

For those technical MacStella users, if you set the "unused" ranges of FF's in
the image to 00 or FFFF->0581 or some "zero bit filled" pattern, it will kick
the defective and buggy checksum ROM ID code into thinking it's a foreign
cartridge and treating it as the 4K standard issue cartridge that it is.

It's a bizarre game all right.  Good work, John.

By the way, I have CVS modify access to DASM - one of my patches has been to set
unused bytes in the binary output file to 00's instead of FF's.  I'll be folding
Olaf Seibert's patches into the sourcebase, and my own which largely improve
portability and deal with any little gotchas.

I'll post sources (or binaries for win32, fat macintosh, or intel linux) on
request...  when my work duties free up, it won't take me long to finish the
merging and testing.

I enclose a snip from my release notes which summarises the instructions:
If someone screams for it, I'll modify DASM to accept a fill byte parametre, but
I think this issue has already been beaten to death.  If it matters that much to
you, the #define is in asm.h and is called DEFORGFILL.


Attachment: Guage-fixed.bin
Description: Patched binary of John Harvey's EQ Game

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