[stella] Building yourself an A2600

Subject: [stella] Building yourself an A2600
From: Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux <veilleux@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 08:52:03 -0500 (EST)

	Since many of you think it would be difficult to build an Atari 2600,
I have good news for you, IT'S NOT !!!

The schematics, online are at:
at the bottom of the page.

Parts required:

All custom chips (and crystals) can be found at
BEST electronics:

All others can be found at Jameco.


Now for a price sample:

If we use a simple 6502, it's:
Jameco Item #43191 "6502", 3.25$ (Stock > 1000)

or a 6507

BEST electronics Item "STK6507 CPU", 5.00$ (Stock unknown)
For the RIOT, we need
Jameco Item #43297, "6532 128x8+timer+I/O", 3.25$ (Stock >1000)
BEST electronics Item "UM6532", 5.00$ (Stock unknown)
We can replace the RIOT by:
Jameco Item #43254, "6522 VIA" (RIOT less the RAM) (Stock >1000) 
Jameco Item #38738, "2016-12, 2k SRAM, 120ns", 1.49$ (Stock  >1000)
and a clever addressing trick.

For the RF modulator:
Jameco Item #141639, "12 VDC RF modulator", 3.95$ (stock > 1000)

* All the Jameco components cost less if we buy >10 of them.
* If we make our own VCS, it will be able to have:
   * Internal ROM (Like Combat included)
   * Composite Video Out
   * Other neat stuff people might think about

BTW, I'll soon be making a batch (5-10) CART readers (2-4-8k, non
bank-switched) with software and parallel port connection... E-mail-me if you
think it's a good idea (if I don't get enough mail about this, I will only
make 1 for me and 1 for a friend, so hurry :) They'll be in plastic casing.


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