[stella] Would you look at that!

Subject: [stella] Would you look at that!
From: "Ruffin Bailey" <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 16:03:03 -0500
Title: Would you look at that!
I've got a loaner 7800 until mine comes out of the shop, and now have finally realized that dream of Macintosh Stella programmers everywhere:  My SuperCharger is hooked directly to the front of my iMac and there's a long cable from the 7800 to my TV across the room.  Thanks to Rob and Bob, I now have makewav as well, and this has motivated me to pull out some long lost demos I'd written lo these many months ago...

Just one problem:  They seem to roll.  (the ole "your vertical hold is off" problem)   I also madewav'd OkieDokie from the bin that comes with Stella 0.7, and that rolled as well.  Elk Attack, on the other hand, does nothing.  Maze003, on the third hand or foot or something, works like a charm...

I'm going to mess with this some more once I get back from work, but I thought that I'd send out a quick email asking if there's a known problem with Okie and makewav and also attach the source from my demo.  Eckhard had taken a look at this demo way back when, and I think he ran it on a 2600, but then perhaps it's got PAL timing?  At any rate, if any of you want to lend a hand, I would sure appreciate it, but otherwise I'll just start hacking away again when I get home...  either that or play one of the Pac-Man carts that litter my desk.  ;^)

I apologize if this message compresses funny.  I can only hqx with Em@iler, and I'm using this version of Outlook Express for the first time.

Thanks much,

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