[stella] Color & drawing limitations questions

Subject: [stella] Color & drawing limitations questions
From: slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Russ Perry Jr)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 00:58:04 -0600
This is a very general set of questions that I'm curious about...

What are the exact color limitations of the 2600 as far as the player,
missile and ball graphics?

If I understand it correctly, each can only have one color per line, but
can have any number of colors vertically?  And can ALL of them have
different colors, or are some dependent on others (like the ball is
dependent on the background?)?

Also, if you're copying a sprite, will all the copies have the same color
per line, or is it possible to change the color before the next copy is

And what is the exact resolution of the screen in low-res and high-res

Other questions I'll bet aren't as easy to answer...

How many "sprites" can you put on the screen at once?  I guess you can do
maybe 13 per line, but can you do that every "line" (or sprite height)?

Also, you can manipulate the background to look like there are extra sprites,
right?  What kind of limits are on this?

If you want to summarize all this mess into one simple question, here it
is: "what would you have to keep in mind if you wanted to make a fake
screen shot that might theoretically be possible?".  :-)

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