[stella] PCAE 2.2

Subject: [stella] PCAE 2.2
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 22:51:45 +0100
Uh.. this list has been very quiet lately..

For those who may have missed it:

PCAE 2.2

Main game menu can be configured to display filename and extension,
filename only, or real game title 
Games can be highlighted by game type, alphabetically, or by alternating rows 
Game menu colors can be changed for alternating modes 
Main game screen can be displayed in 80x25 text mode, 80x30 text mode, or
high-resolution VESA graphics modes 
Option for slightly more realistic Pitfall II music 
Debugger supports breakpoint on symbolic equation 
Major TIA fixes-emulation is much more accurate 
Emulator settings moved to industry-standard .INI file 
Completely new controller support allowing mouse, keyboard, and joystick
functions to be remapped 
Fully re-mappable Gravis GrIP controller support (requires Gravis DOS
driver-see chapter 2) 
Fully re-mappable Microsoft SideWinder controller support-can be expanded
to support future SideWinder controllers 
PCAE and PCAE160 have been combined into a single executable 
Additional game resolution modes for PAL games and greater compatibility
with various video cards 
Several emulator bug fixes 
Experimental program to assist in detecting new SideWinder controller
packet structures 
Improved debugger online help 
During emulation, pressing F8 allows the user to type in a game title.
Title, game type, controller information, and the vertical position (as set
with the plus and minus keys) are saved to the profile file. Thus the
emulator "remembers" where the last vertical position was set by the user. 
Improved joystick calibration routine that should be more friendly to
"jittery" joysticks 
Thrustmaster FCS, CH Flightstick Pro, and some multi-button gamepads
supported (all but the FCS are untested) 
Improved external interface board design 
Minus key in debugger moved to equals (plus) key, and also shows the CRT
horizontal position 
Hitting the minus key in the debugger shows the positions of the player
objects, missiles, and ball (when the game screen is being displayed) 
Slightly improved disassembler should be more compatible with backswitched


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