[stella] Taking Care of Things

Subject: [stella] Taking Care of Things
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 22:52:16 -0800

Hi everyone,

First off let me apologize for being asleep at the wheel for a while. For some reason I lost my admin stuff and had to request it again from Omar. In between, a lot of messages got held in the queue.

The way the system works, there is pretty aggressive spam filtering going on, and valid posts to the list get filtered accidentally on a routine basis. It's my job to monitor the approval queue and get those held-up messages through to the list. If I'm not around to do this, those messages get stuck in limbo, which I know has been a cause of frustration to some here. I assure you that this is in the best interest of all concerned, as stated, becuase the spam filtering is very necessary. Only about 10% of bounced messages need to get approved, so the filtering is by and large doing its job. If list members were more aware of the search criteria, perhaps this percentage could be lowered.

Also, it appears as if the configuration is already set so that only stella members can post through the email they used to add themselves. If that's not the case, I will make it so to try to further cut down the spam.


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