Re: [stella] Ho ho ho #2 (horizontal scrolling playfield thing)

Subject: Re: [stella] Ho ho ho #2 (horizontal scrolling playfield thing)
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 22:12:10 -0500
At 01:45 PM 12/27/99 -0800, Glenn Saunders wrote:
>How many provide full scrolling both vertically and horizontally in the 
>same kernal?  I'm talking about scrolling with playfield graphics in tow, 
>not just sprites acting as background ala Stargate.

The only ones I can think of that does it in 8 directions are Time Pilot,
which I bet does it more or less the same way I'm doing it in the next
version of this playfield thing (but I haven't looked at its code) and
Mountain King, my favorite 2600 game, which doesn't do it especially
smoothly but it is asymmetrical.  Vanguard does both horizontal and
vertical of course, but I don't think it does both at the same time
(diagonal) on the 2600. 


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