Re: [stella] Ho ho ho #1 (Boing)

Subject: Re: [stella] Ho ho ho #1 (Boing)
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 22:28:18 -0500
At 12:46 AM 12/29/99 +0100, Piero Cavina wrote:
>Very impressive, but this is not a 3d graphics engine ;-)

Not quite, no, but neither is the original so I felt justified ;)  

>Where do the animation frames come from? If they've been done by hand, it
>must have been a lot of work.

I bogarted them from the original Amiga demo using framegrabs and deciding
which 8 frames would produce the smoothest looking animation.  Reducing it
to 48x50 @ 1bpp made it look horrible so I had to do a LOT of "hand
painting."  But not as much work as doing it by hand from scratch; I'm no

Ultimately the demo is just a hack of Eckhard's bigmove demo with the
joystick replaced by a Pong-like motion routine and the static sprite data
replaced by eight frames of animation, and then of course the sounds and
the lame-o "easter egg."  I meant it as a learning experience that would
also be fun, and it was - and next time hopefully I won't make some of the
mistakes I did with this one ;)


kudla@xxxxxxxxx ... ... Rob

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