[stella] consultants needed

Subject: [stella] consultants needed
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 21:40:31 -0700

I had been working for the past year on and off to encourage Joe Decuir to provide a voiceover for Stella at 20 Volume 1. This was going to be a layman's introduction to computers, and specifically the 2600.

That's probably not going to work out. Joe's sympathetic but apparently too busy to focus on this. He may come through, but we're still at ground zero with it and I need to move ahead.


For now I'm going to try to draft something myself, but I am merely a VCR of everything I've observed here and there about the 2600. I'm not really an IEEE type of guy and I'm not really an assembly language programmer. So I'm concerned about inaccuracies and also leaving bits and pieces incomplete.

Therefore, in return for a credit and maybe more depending on what you are looking for, I'm looking for volunteers to help me refine a voiceover script and make sure my supporting visuals match what is being said.

As stated, it's a crash course intro to computers (not the PC kind, but the bare bones 6502 variety of course) and then a somewhat simplified overview of the 2600 architecture from the inside out. I was hoping for more of a gate-level hardware explanation of how the 2600 works, but without Joe it would have to be more of an explanation of how the 2600 reacts to software.

Depending on the opinions of those on the list, we can make this into a public endeavor as we were doing with the FAQ creation, otherwise we can branch off into private email discussions or a custom eGroups thing.

Opinions welcome!!

I should have an early rough draft ready for review during the weekend.


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