Re: [stella] Low power 2600 "superchip"

Subject: Re: [stella] Low power 2600 "superchip"
From: kurt.woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 08:16:52 +0200
Glenn Saunders wrote:

>Have you seen the kind of limited graphics and sound that those keychain 
>games feature?  It's certainly nothing approaching the 2600, but they crank

>out a zillion of those things.

In fact, it's not much more than Nintendo's Game & Watch games which they
released in the early 80's, along with many competitors, and bigger products
(handhelds with plasma screens) which were not much more complicated
gameplay-wise either.
Back then, I had over ten of those games - in fact, this was my gaming world
(beside the arcades) before the first affordable home computers and the
video game consoles came along (I was never interested in the "Pong" kind of
games). I remember swapping them back and forth at school as we did later
with the 2600 carts. But by now I sold most of them to collectors who
sometimes tend to pay more for them than they initially sold for. Nintendo
seems to have reacted to this by re-releasing some of their Game&Watch
titles as keychain games.

And yes, I do know why I took so long posting this reply... I waited for
others to say something similar, but they didn't... ;-)

With love (and many ancient games to play)
Kurt Woloch

(Sorry, Glenn, I sent this to the wrong address AGAIN the first time. I
forgot to replace the recipient...)

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