Re: [stella] Low power 2600 "superchip"

Subject: Re: [stella] Low power 2600 "superchip"
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 12:31:06 -0400
At 10:14 AM 7/1/00 -0400, Ruffin Bailey wrote:
>it seems to always concentrate on the 2600.  But if you're going to go for a
>truly market competitive handheld, I'd think you'd have to create a "7800
>superchip", not just 2600.  The 7800 certainly had games that could push the

If you're going to go for a "truly market competitive handheld", you pretty
much have to be Nintendo.  Atari, Tiger, SNK and Sega (twice) could never
compete with their lousy little platform and I really doubt a bunch of
hobbyists using 18 or 23 year old hardware as a base can do any better,
Hasbro deals or no (and don't forget Hasbro owns Tiger and keeps trying to

I really don't mean this to discourage anyone, as I'd pay a couple hundred
bucks for a portable 2600/7800 with TFT screen that could play any game I
threw at it.  But by the time the members of this list could bring this
kind of thing to market at the quantities that would actually sell, I think
you'd be able to get a color pocket PC running wince or linux and an
emulator for around the same price anyway and it would be at least as cool.


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