Re: [stella] new roms on atarihq

Subject: Re: [stella] new roms on atarihq
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 14:51:26 -0500
>>I'm not sure why...  Alex came back, got some holes filled in as far as
>>released games (only two missing now, and one may have already come in
>>but just hasn't been posted), and then protos started rolling in.  It
>>might just be one-upmanship, but let's hope it continues.

>I think there's not very much left now..

There are still lots of protos out there, so I'm hoping they'll roll in
eventually.  I'm not holding my breath either, but why not hope to see
Tempest and Snow White soon?  Or Miss Piggy's Wedding?  Or Combat II
and Realsports Basketball?
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