RE: [stella] Classic Gaming Expo

Subject: RE: [stella] Classic Gaming Expo
From: "Keita Iida" <keita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 21:50:05 -0700
I won't be there this year, and I'll definitely
miss mingling with the likes of Glenn Saunders,
Chris Cavanaugh and many of the attendees/exhibitors
who graciously supported the show from its humble
World of Atari origins.  On a different note, the
videographer who was present the past two years
(who produced the official videos) won't be at CGE2K
as well.  So make sure you guys take a LOT of pictures
so there will be some archiving of the show going on!

- Keita Iida
Atari Gaming Headquarters

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> Howdy Stella folks.  I've been watching for a while,
> and I am just now posting for a couple of reasons.
> I just wanted to take an informal poll to see if any
> of you folks were going to be attending the Classic
> Gaming Expo in Las Vegas next week.
> If anyone was attending, I would like to get together
> to learn about and discuss the finer points of 2600
> programming.  I have many questions that I have come
> up with in working on my 2600 game, which I am
> tentatively calling Gridlock.  Randy Crihfield of
> Hozer Video was generous enough to make a cartridge of
> the current work in progress that I will be bringing
> with me, and I would like to show it to as many people
> as possible.  It's no Oystron or Thrust, but hopefully
> I will get some good ideas to add to the game.
> Thanks for your attention.
> Brian Prescott
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