Re: [stella] A topic about a month old

Subject: Re: [stella] A topic about a month old
From: "Chris Pepin" <cpepin1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 19:29:27 EDT


I remember some ranting going on regarding peripheral items and how they
were read with SWCHA.  Anyone know how the booster grip adaptor works?
I've never opened mine up.

	-John K. Harvey

The joystick plugs into the booster grip adaptor plug, which basically has extra pins that a normal atari joystick does not have and the signals from the booster grip go through these extra pins and the atari joystick signals are sent through the pass-through pins in the plug. The extra button on the booster grip is the same as the extra button on a colecovision controller. So if you wanted to play a booster grip game without the booster grip, just plug your Colecovision controller in and start playing. :-) My booster grip had the plug busted into pieces, so my friend and I rewired it into a spare genesis extension cable I had lying around. Works great!

Chris Pepin


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