[stella] Sea Battle for the 2600

Subject: [stella] Sea Battle for the 2600
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 21:03:05 -0400
I got an Intellivision (okay, was _given_ one) for the express purpose of
playing Sea Battle, and now it looks like Sea Battle (for those of you
who've been living in a cave :^D) for the Atari is going to be "released" in
ole Las Vegas.  I wrote the Blue Ranger guys to see if I could order a copy
online as soon as I heard about it, and just heard back...

> Dear Intellifans,
> Because of our limited manufacturing ability, we first be making the
> Atari and Colecovision carts available at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las
> Vegas.  We will also be taking orders at the show.  After the show
> orders have been filled, we hope to offer them for sale from the
> website.  We plan to produce carts as long as there is a demand, however
> **we are limited by our supplier**.  We'll keep the website updated as to
> the availability.  Thanks for your interest!
> --
> Intellivision Productions, Inc.
> comments@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> www.intellivisionlives.com

Now if they have the ROM (and I have to figure they do...), I would have to
guess that there are a few people on the list who know how to burn it to an
EPROM.  Makes me wish I could make the CGE though; that's for sure.

Ruffin Bailey

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