[stella] Stella video - tech checks

Subject: [stella] Stella video - tech checks
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 20:24:21 -0700
I'll be posting some info regarding the voiceover copy and diagrams for Stella volume 1 later tonight in the hopes of getting some last minute feedback and error checking before I commit to it all.

The way it's shaping up is to be:

1) Very brief intro to microcomputers (with a slant towards to the 6502 in particular)
2) Very general overview of 6502 assembly concepts.
3) General architectural overview of the 2600 and the programming model, including relevant info on the TV signal itself.
4) Show how a polynomial counter operates, and relate it to the sound hardware and sprite positioning stuff.
5) Show how VDEL works.
6) Animated memory map, intro to the various registers and what they are for.

I already have technical stuff on the six char and other routines in volume 2, so the above should be a decent enough introduction. Anything beyond this can come from internet resources if people are interested enough. It's just something to try to keep the uninitiated from being totally lost in the videos when they start watching it.

So please stay tuned. I'm down to the wire on this, unfortunately. I need to deliver the final master by Wednesday morning. Any (timely) feedback as I post info would be greatly appreciated as I'm probably the least qualified person to be doing this part of the video...

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