RE: [stella] Machine Language Books (was Thrust 1.0)

Subject: RE: [stella] Machine Language Books (was Thrust 1.0)
From: "Gene Johannsen" <gjohannsen@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:23:52 -0700

I have, and I have a copy of it.  It isn't really a tutorial book.  What it does
is describe and give the source code for a symbolic assembler (in 6502 assembly,
of course).  It is good to learn from by seeing an actual medium size assembly
program, but I never read it cover to cover since it never lent itself to that.
In terms of learning how to program in assembly the first book is the way to go.


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Subject: [stella] Machine Language Books (was Thrust 1.0)

Has anyone read Richard Mansfield's other book, _The Second Book of Machine
Language_  (also published by COMPUTE! books)?  Is it any good?  While people
trying to get the rights to the first one, we might as well try for the second
one as well.  If it's any good.

Mark Murphree
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Matt Matthews wrote:

> What little I know I learned from and old book by Compute! called Machine
> Language for Beginners.  Pretty readable and what it covers it seems to
> cover well, AFAICT.  (Ask Ruffin for another opinion...I think he's got
> the same book.)
> This book shows up in used bookstores and online auctions occasionally.
> The one I have is the one my parents bought for me way back when.
> Regards,
> matt
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