Re: [stella] Air-sea battle on SC

Subject: Re: [stella] Air-sea battle on SC
From: "Lee Krueger (ResQsoft)" <resqsoft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 21:46:49 -0700
Frank Palazzolo wrote:

> Hi again,
> Now that my bank switching problems are out of the way, I just
> noticed one really bizarre thing.
> On my 2600, my Air-Sea Battle cart works perfectly.  When I
> download the Air-Sea Battle .wav file to the supercharger, I get the
> following behavior:
> Reset to game one.  The left player fires at planes...and collisions
> between the missle and planes are ignored!!!  Right player works
> normally.  This happens whether I have the supercharger in
> modified mode or not.  I also verified the integrity of the image and
> the .wav file.  I even tried making a 4K image by replicating the 2K
> image.  Same thing.
> Is my supercharger broken?  I couldn't believe it when I saw this.
> FWIW I have a older 6-switch Sears model.
> I don't have another supercharger or 2600 so I can't verify...
> Thanks,
> Frank

Hi Frank,

Nothing is wrong wih your SC. When we did Worship the Woodgrain we discovered
this as well and were unable to fix it by doubling the rom and such. You'll
find that Haunted House, Space War and Ghost Manor exhibit strange behavior
as well  As a result these titles never appeared on WTW.  I am not sure what
causes the problem, but I bet Bob Colbert or Eckhard could investigate if
they have time :-)

BTW: Breakout won't work either. You have to double the rom image and then
make it a wav file.

Good luck,


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