[stella] Air-sea battle on SC - solved!

Subject: [stella] Air-sea battle on SC - solved!
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 01:29:15 -0400
> Now that my bank switching problems are out of the way, I just 
> noticed one really bizarre thing.

Following up to my own message, I solved the problem!

It turns out that Air-Sea battle reads the images of the collision 
registers at $00/$01, as opposed to $30/$31.  It looks like the SC 
interferes with the mapping of the read-registers, maybe because 
they overlap the write-registers there?

At any rate, patching the code to use the images at $3x makes it 
work on the supercharger.

Specifically for Air-Sea Battle, 
	offset $00b9:   $00->$30
	offset $00bd:   $01->$31
	offset $004a:   $00->$30

I guess some reads from the range $00-2f are being redirected in 
some way?  Hmm...this is a darned good reason to use a version 
of VCS.H with the read addresses >= $30.

At least it shouldn't be too hard to patch the other games if there's 
a rerelease of WTW.


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