[stella] smoking & burning atari

Subject: [stella] smoking & burning atari
From: "Kennehan, Richard" <Richard_Kennehan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 17:02:30 -0500
>there must have been something more serious wrong with the atari, 
>because when I plugged the new adaptor in and turned on the power 
>I heard a crack and it started smoking - seriously.

This happened to me once...I had one of those adapters that have multiple
heads on them to fit various sockets, and I had the adapter head on
backwards, causing positive and negative to be switched.

the smoking and burning is most likely coming from one of the biggest
capacitors on the motherboard.  I could see liquid boiling out of this
capacitor on my motherboard when this happened to me.

Amazingly, my Atari still works.  These components are built like tanks!  I
even soldered wires directly  to the TIA chip as part of my composite mod (a
definite no-no due to possible soldering iron heat damage), and the TIA
still works!

Seeing how strong the Atari is makes me wonder how that guy (in the
retro-programming article mentioned a week ago) managed to fry his atari by
having the +5v and Ground lines on his homebrew cart backwards.

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