Re: [stella] power adapter specs?

Subject: Re: [stella] power adapter specs?
From: Nathan Harris <sengir@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:00:06 -0500
> 9V dc, 500ma, tip positive.  Note that if you measure a working one, you
> will get a higher voltage because the power block is made with only a
> transformer, some sort of bridge(don't know which, didn't take it apart),
> and a cap. Therefore, the unloaded voltage will be higher, probably
> 12-15Vdc.  For this reason, get a replacement rated at least 500ma, but
> not to much higher.  I wouldn't go above 1a.  But I guess it doesn't
> matter to much as it just goes into a 7805.  I think you can get away with
> as low as 6.5V, and much higher.  The 7805 should be able to take at least
> 30V, but it would be limited to a much lower voltage because of heat
> disapation.  The most important part is just to get the tip positive.

thanks for the info, but there must have been something more serious wrong
with the atari, because when I plugged the new adaptor in and turned on the
power I heard a crack and it started smoking - seriously.  So tomorrow I will
be driving 2 hours to return it (I know its silly, but I want an atari!  plus
I can pick up some more carts)
at least my stella programming is going better.  I hope to be able to post
something here soon.

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