Re: [stella] Save Mary...

Subject: Re: [stella] Save Mary...
From: Mark De Smet <de-smet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 22:06:30 -0500 (CDT)
> >number 1-5:  adds 100-500 points to your score
> >small crane icon:  speeds up the crane
> >red ball: stops mary from moving????


> >*under what conditions does she start moving again????

I think it is as simple at stopping her until she can move up a level.
Then if there is more time left, she will stop again.

> >red and black bucket:  stops water increase for a short time
> >green equal sign(bricks?): ????

> I have never seen a green brick (green equals).  There is a yellow one that 
> temporarily lets you drop bricks through Mary.  Never seen a Mary icon either.

Yes.  Green or yellow, I'm not going to debate which color it it, but it
does allow you to drop bricks through mary.  It, like the bucket and crane
icon are timed.  It is very nice because you can litterally tower up
bricks to get mary quite a bit higher.  You can get away with three bricks
more while it lasts before it runs out.  If you have the fast crane as
well, you can do 4.  Your crane and the bricks turn brown to indicate when
the feature is active.

I think the time that the feature is active decreases as you get further

> >Mary icon:  extra life????


> >airplanes:  knock off your brick.  Do they do anything else????
> >*can you pick them up?

Heh, Heh.  Yes, if they hit your crane cable, or the brick you are
carrying, the plane and your brick drop right there.  However, if you are
not carrying a brick, it is possible to catch the airplane.  I think you
have to have the vertical setting on the crane just right, and press the
button at just the right time.  If you catch the airplane and place it off
to the side, it is quite cool!  I'm not going to spoil it, but needless to
say it is very nice... ;-)

> Seems like you've found out more than I did already.  I _think_ the 
> airplane will raise mary to the top (ending the wave) but that's only a 

Not quite...

> guess based on how high up you have to be in levels before it shows up and 
> how hard it is to catch it.  It's got to be a pretty awesome powerup.

I'm not sure what levels the items appear at because even after you pass
the level that they can start appearing at, they are random, so you can't
tell where they first appear.  I've been seeing the plane at the second
time through the levels in the advanced mode.(5th level)


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