[stella] power adapter specs?

Subject: [stella] power adapter specs?
From: Nathan Harris <sengir@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 16:42:10 -0500
Hi, I'm new to the list, interested in 2600 programming.  I was using an
emulator until I visited my campusI'll be attending in the fall and
stopped by a used game store.  I bought an original atari with the wood
panelling.  I tried it when I got home (2 1/2 hrs away) and nothing
happened.  I hooked up the power adapter to a volt meter, and nothing
happened.  I cant get a replacement though because the sticker fell off
of the adapter and the part number I got when I called isn't in the
radio shack parts database.  so, if someone could possibly give me the
voltage and tip polarity for the original 2600, I would be forever
grateful!  (I see why they started molding them right on the adapter in
later systems, heh)

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