[stella] IDE

Subject: [stella] IDE
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:17:02 -0700
Does anyone know of a decent text editor that will give you color coding and other goodies? I'm rather spoiled at work using Homesite/Cold Fusion Studio and was looking for something similar for assembly, something better than notepad. I have played around with the Junkosoft Development Shell but I can't get the audio routines working in Windows 2000 and it uses an external editor anyway. As for those....

Unfortunately, atlhough Homesite recognizes VBScript and Javascript, it doesn't really know how to color code 6502 assembly. I'm actually thinking about creating a DTD for a new markup language for 2600 assembly. Let me know if that might be useful for anyone. The benefit is that you could then define custom buttons in Homesite to make code generation that much simpler, where all the opcodes, all the registers, and all the attribute options are all presented to you with dropdowns and such. For me it would make the code a little easier to read by creating another layer on top of assembly, but I could understand that it would confuse some people, plus it adds an extra step since the XML would need to be parsed through XSL into straight assembly source code.

But a benefit of this is that XML would be a good universal foundation from which you can render the code to multiple targets.

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