[stella] TextPad add-ins

Subject: [stella] TextPad add-ins
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 01:33:00 -0700
TextPad looks like it should do the job nicely.

I created three add-ins for it today. A syntax highlighter for 6502 (also includes coloring for VCS hardware registers), a 6502 and a VCS register clip file so all the instructions and registers are clearly visible to pick from at all times. The 6502 instruction sheet has description fields for the wussies like me who like to relate everything to Javascript or Basic. So DEC is described as A-- and JMP as Goto, etc...

The highlighting is based on the various categories of instructions and with the most appropriate coloring I could think of. Reads are green, writes are red, branches and comparisons are brown (branch, as in wood), and so on. NOPs should just show up black. Comments have a light yellow background. I couldn't get the preprocessor keywords to show as anything but black. Unfortunately the coloring isn't stored in the TCL files. Anyone know where these are?

For those of you out there using Notepad, you may want to download TextPad and install these files and see if they help at all.

The next step is to create Tools settings to run DASM, Makewav, Windows Media Player, and a 2600 emulator for one-click debugging.

If anyone has these settings already, please share.

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