[stella] The future of emulation -- one at a time?

Subject: [stella] The future of emulation -- one at a time?
From: "Ruffin Bailey" <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 17:26:29 -0400
> Also, remember that Activision Classics is for the Playstation.  That's a
> closed system.  No non-commercial alternatives there.

Did you look into the NetYaroze?  I realize the games are small (just in
RAM?) and need another NetYaroze to play, but I think (insert big "iirc"
here) it's a pretty trivial affiar to slap them onto a disc and have them
play on a standard PSX (and therefore also on a PS2).

>Our proposal to Hasbro was to include everything Hasbro has the rights to
>(including all the 3rd parties they retroactively gobbled up, plus protos)
>on one CD.

And in a vain attempt to make my Indenture post relavent, wouldn't a well
done disc like you're talking about look fairly good even if it doesn't
"shoot Hasbro's entire wad" in one shot?  I mean, just a welll-done Yars'
Revenge disc where that's the only game on it chocked full of multimedia
would interest me.  Then you could almost get one of those TimeLIFE series
deals out of it -- pay $5 for Yars Revenge and then another "historic
perspective" will arrive at your door, one a month, thereafter...  Wouldn't
even matter if you'd emulated the things with original code; you could just
get Indenture-quality remakes if for some reason emulation doesn't quite
perform up to snuff.  It does hit me as somewhat strange that these
compilation ideas usually start with "let's get it all out there in one fell

Anyhow, I realize the chance that my ramblings would be any more successful
that the 'punks' attempts is pretty crazy, but there's my 2¢ nonetheless.

Ruffin Bailey

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