Re: [stella] interesting MOV

Subject: Re: [stella] interesting MOV
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:01:30 -0500
At 11:36 PM -0500 9/18/00, Ben Combee wrote:
>Looking at the metainformation in the QuickTime movie file shows the artist
>as "Golden Shower" off the album "Digital 2600".  My net searches turned up
>nothing else.

At 7:25 AM -0400 9/19/00, Frank Palazzolo wrote:
Looks like the original site is here:

IE5 doesn't like the link on that page, so I had to type for the next page.

Their email is goldenshower@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the info guys!

Next question; who is Lobo?

>"Russ Perry Jr" <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> At 6:24 PM +1000 9/18/00, Andrew Davie wrote:
>> >

>> Does ANYBODY know who made this?  I'd like to ask about it, maybe print
>> stills in the 2600 Connection.  But the link I found it at mentions a
>> site which isn't available anymore.
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