RE: [stella] Why write for the 2600

Subject: RE: [stella] Why write for the 2600
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 04:49:44 -0700
Glenn Saunders wrote:

> Stellalist was created as a forum or community for aspiring 2600
> programmers, in order to pool resources and (hopefully) get more, better
> stuff done than we could do independently.  If you read the charter, it's
> not so different from what I'd like to see at GameDevelopers.Net.
>  It's all
> about teamwork.

Yes but focus on the 2600.  There are probably a half a million wannabe game
programmers that are doing other stuff and a gazillion web sites already
serving their needs.  You don't really have a snowballs chance of making an
impact.  There's a market all right but its already being well taken care


> I know all of you don't make much money from your games, so the
> reward has
> to be in large part the recognition that comes from those who play your
> games.  So the more exposure, the better, right?
> That's why I'm opening up the debate to see what the consensus opinion
> might be...

Well I think what is happening is that you sat down to write a 2600 game and
your mind is wandering.  ;-)  You're realizing how hard it is and you're
realizing how little the traditional reward is.  You're wondering why oh why
am I doing this.  Maybe you're documenting the creative process in a
wonderful way.  But in the end it's the game that matters.  The process of
creation which is it's own reward.  So get back to work Glenn.  We're here
to help.


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