RE: [stella] Why write for the 2600

Subject: RE: [stella] Why write for the 2600
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:31:04 -0400
At 04:49 AM 9/25/00 -0700, John Saeger wrote:
>Yes but focus on the 2600.  There are probably a half a million wannabe game
>programmers that are doing other stuff and a gazillion web sites already
>serving their needs.  You don't really have a snowballs chance of making an
>impact.  There's a market all right but its already being well taken care

I'm really not aware of a generalized "developer network" site that caters
to game developers specifically in a project-centric way (like Sourceforge,
for example.)  I also think that making a site with a name like
"" exclusive to 2600 development would be a tragic waste
of a hard-won domain name.  No, I think 2600 should just be another
category on the site - if this list were moved to it, at least it would
start off busy ;)

Maybe some kind of hierarchical setup is in order, like
   news (front page, weblog style with sidebars)
      news discussion forums (linked with Kaffeeklatsch below)
   commercial games
   (most have their own PR and wouldn't need an official
    project page per se, but another outlet to reach fans
    is always nice, so this is really for commercial projects 
    not under the umbrella)
      its own news (basically to keep non-developer news 
         out of the main news)
      obligatory magazine-like coverage (reviews, hints etc.)
         (just because most game developers also love games)
      mod development
      community (bug commiseration, patch notification etc.)
      clan/ladder home pages (huge overlap between mod developers 
         and clan members)
   open projects, clearly categorized by license terms 

      (e.g. commercial, GPL, free binary, etc.) ala
         (genres under each platform...)
-------->if this is a good site, I could easily see at least
         the 2600/amiga/vectrex/c64/NES sections getting big
   tools, clearly categorized as above
      game construction sets
      rapid game development kits
      hardware talk
      3d bilinear z-order tri-filtering stuff ;)
      assembly is your friend!/enemy!
      ideas on optimizing
      retro game of the month
      free-software game of the month
      multi-platform game of the month
      or something...
      bitch board
      hints and tips
      show coverage
      getting distributed
   etc... the mandatory stuff we never look at

I'm sure Glenn('s company) is way past this point already in designing his
new site but if I were starting a new BBS or community site about game
development, this is something like how it would look.  There's plenty of
room for retro coders to mix with hobbyists or small coder groups
developing for current machines.  Many of the fora I suggest exist
elsewhere but sometimes the whole can be greater than the yadda yadda yadda.

Of course, then there are the inducements to get developers to move their
projects there, based on critical mass.  Free disk space and a CVS tree
(plus whatever Windows developers use this week - Sourcesafe maybe if you
can do it over the net) is a good start for the current machines, this list
would just be transplanted over I suppose, and covering commercial games is
really just a matter of getting a bunch of ringers to start off reviewing
the games until you get enough eyeballs (and contributed reviews) and
become important enough that they just start sending you advance copies
(think of Ain't It Cool News, crossed with Slashdot.)  

Obviously everyone who wants to participate actively will have to make an
account of some kind and so you get targeting ability.  For example, I
assume this was the intent of the addresses they gave out, but
mine has been pretty spam free and I don't get to their nasty yellow site
too often and it's always showing a sort of attractive banner ad for anyway.

Makes me wanna start my own game coder site ;)  Except I hate subjecting
people to banner ads and cookies and thus I would have no business model.

Apologies for being only marginally 2600-related.


kudla@xxxxxxxxx ... ... Rob

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