Re: [stella] Memory Map...another test request!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Memory Map...another test request!!
From: ecwilkso@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 17:50:48 -0500
In message <>, Glenn Saunders writes:
>I've been cleaning up the chip mask scans on and off since last year.  I 
>should have it done pretty soon.  If it doesn't feature in Stella at 20 
>volume 1 I will at least have it available for study.  I can't guarantee 
>100% accuracy since some of the imagery was so faded is very hard to 
>recover, but it will be as close as you can get unless Hasbro has anything 
>else in its vaults.  They probably have whatever it takes to make 
>additional TIA chips, but that may not be quite the same thing.  I don't know.

>The chip masks are cool because it shows every layer individually.

Hey Glenn,

You still have these?  If so, can you mail me a copy?  I'm actually working
on that 2600-on-a-chip idea somewhat, and those would help immensely.  Trying
to pull this many images out of a microscope is awful!  Raw mask images are
preferable, but if you have cleaned them up, I guess that's cool too.

If you have this stuff kicking around and can send a copy my way, (email is fine)
lemme know asap.  I have the time now, but won't soon...  :P


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